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Our Story

Our profession and team come from a group of industry leading professionals, with years of experience in embedded system development and software design. Resulted from years of devotion in the embedded system research and development, we clearly understand the complexity development process has been taking most of the resource and time during the whole project. Therefore, we have been dedicated in creating a revolutionary way to simplify this type of long lasted development, and offering an easier to use platform & tool for engineers to easily development products with less effort and yet more concentrated on their products, thus extending your passion for product development into a higher level. Our team has since then devoted and integrated various type of embedded systems, tools, environment as well as portable device (iOS and Android) software and HMI (Human-Machine Interface), offering our clients with the possibility with easy & friendly development environment solution, and a much more simplified process and resources. Bring your creativity to life in a way you could never imagine.


For achieving this ultimate goal, we had gone through a lot of setbacks and bottlenecks along the way. But with our devotion and professional team, we are the first in the world to successfully porting the Microsoft’s .NET Micro Framework to the ARM Cortex M3 platform, enabling developers all over the world to use .NET Micro Framework to develop Microcontrollers. However, as the market trends moved on, we were forced to cease further development in the .NET MF. In order to continue providing an easy and friendly development environment and a “easiest to use solution”, we insisted in our devotion in developing our own tool and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with our best experience and knowledge, which offers you complete solution for turning complicated remote controls such as Home Automation, Tele-medicine application into a rather simplified process of developing.


Business models Golden IC offered is simple and clear, that we provide our clients with various types of development tool, different types of platform for microcontrollers, CPU modules, and kinds of peripheral interface modules. This is what differentiates Golden IC from other MCU suppliers, that we offer more choices for our customers based on MCU platform in easier product development.

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